Slip Stitch Beanie Hat

This adult size beanie hat is made with a sock yarn brim for stretch and a tencel body for shine, you could use any of our other DK yarns for the body but we do recommend using sock yarn for the brim as it has an elastic core.

You can find our sock yarn minis here –

Finished size – 52 cm around but this will stretch, our is 8 inches high but the pattern will allow you to make it any length.

You will need;

20g sock yarn (we sell these in minis, it my be better to buy 2x10g as you will be using this yarn 2 strands at a time)

50g of DK Tencel for the body, or 50g of 4ply yarn held double.

Size 4mm needles – this pattern is written to use circular needles or DPNS

1 stitch marker

Needle for sewing up


Cast on 100 stitches with 2 strands of sock yarn held together.

Knit 1×1 rib (knit one, purl one and repeat) for 8 rows.

Now change to your main yarn, and knit 1 row, as you approach the end of the row remove the stitch marker and knit the last stitch of this row and the first stitch of the next row together so you now have 99 stitches.

Now for the whole body of the hat you will repeat the following – Knit 4 stitches, slip 1 stitch.

This will create a lovely pattern as shown below-

Once your work is around 7.5 inches long (including the brim) start to try it on. We found 8 inches to be the perfect length but you may prefer longer or shorter. We will only do 2 rows of decreases so make sure the hat is long enough, then…

Replace your stitch marker, it doesn’t really matter where in the round you place it.

Now knit 2 stitches together and repeat this until you get to the last stitch which you will knit – you will now have 50 stitches.

Now do a second round of knitting 2 stitches together to give you 25 stitches. Thread the yarn through the stitches and pull tight, secure the ends and you have a finished hat!