Our Seaweed is grown by the river Hoogli where it is gathered by fishermen and dried by the local villagers. The fibres are then processed and handspun by local Artisans. They are spun in an environment with Sari yarn and often pick up little bits of thread because of this. We try to remove as much as we can but will miss bits. They are easily pulled from between the ply when the yarn is not taught. The ‘bits’ are all plant based except for the plastic based gold thread- no animal fibres are present. These fibers are not as noticeable on the dyed yarns but on the undyed they are more noticeable.

Seaweed is probably closest to slightly fluffy dishcloth cotton, but we’re happy to send you a sample before you buy – just ask!

We currently offer a thin Fingering weight and thicker Aran weight seawed.

Seaweed is soft and great for clothing – we have patterns for the thin seaweed in our patterns section of the website.
Seaweed does not dye brightly.

Seaweed can be machine washed but not tumble dried.