Simple Stockinette Panel –

Can be used to make a coaster, facecloth, towel etc. from our Cotton Ribbon Yarn which can be found here –

Our cotton Ribbon Yarn is lovely and soft and as well as being used to add texture to your design or for art yarn, its also great as a thick luxurious knitted towel. We have detailed below how to work out how many stitches, rows and how much yarn you will need for each size.

Using 12mm needles the above panel measures 27cm by 27cm. It does curl slightly when first made but will both relax and grow in size the more its washed and used.

We are knitting in stockinette and BOTH your cast on and cast off rows are included in the total row count!

For the 27cm square we used 16 stiches over 24 rows which used 88g of yarn – an ideal size for a face cloth/ pan stand.

The amounts below will vary slightly as everyone has a different tension when knitted but should provide a good approximate guide to up or downsizing this panel.

Each stitch= approx 1.68cm wide

Each row = approx 1.12cm wide

Each gram of yarn = approx 4.36 stiches

So (and we are happy to help you with the maths if you need, just use the contact us form and tell us the size you are wanting to make) if you want to make for example a coaster which is 10cm square

This is how you would work it out –

Each stitch is 1.68cm wide, so divide 10cm by 1.68cm = 5.95… so you will cast on 6 stitches

Each row is 1.12cm long, so divide 10cm by 1.12cm =8.92… so you will knit 9 rows

You are knitting 9 rows or 6 stitches. Multiply 9×6= 54 stitches total.

Divide 54 stitches by 4.36 = 12.38… so you will need around 13 grams of yarn.

We can also use this formula to upsize the panel.

Lets say we actually want a tea towel size of around 40cm x 60cm.

Again each stitch is 1.68cm wide. Divide 40 (your desired width) by 1.68 (each stitch width) = 23.8… so cast on 24 stitches

Now divide 60cm (your desired length) by 1.12cm (the length of a row) = 53.57…so knit 54 rows.

Now multiply the rows by stitches – 54 x 24 = 1296 total stitches

Divide the total stitches (1296) by 4.36 = 297…so you will need around 300g of yarn