We will soon be offering a range of hand dyed vegan fibres suitable for spinning and needle felting. Watch this space for updates!

Types of Fibre we offer –

Cotton Nepps – can be used for stuffing or added to your spinning fibre to add texture / a tweed like effect.

Kapok Fibre – Not recommended for spinning. Suitable for stuffing, sustainable fibres from the Kapok tree are lightweight and quick drying making them great for stuffing. They also float!

Egyptian Cotton – Egyptian cotton comes from the same plant as Pima Cotton. The staple fibre is longer than other cottons but is still a relatively short staple fibre. Lovely and soft, great for spinning or needle felting.

Rose – This is a new cellulose fibre made from rose bushes and is silky soft in texture. It can produce strong colours and is a longer staple fibre however it is quite slippery because of its silkiness. Suitable for spinning and needle felting.