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Boucle yarn is one of our softest cottons and a joy to knit with, if a little fluffy. It is great for warm winter items but will pill a little over time due to its fluffiness.


Our Chunky Pima Boucle is 100m per 100g

This yarn will work with most chunky patterns (check the yarn suggested, if the yarn suggested is 100m per 100g it will be a great substitute) but again feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to advise.

Both are sold as 100g Skeins.

We don’t have many colourways available in these yarns at the moment but have plenty on hand to dye up for you if you need a specific colour or amount.

You can machine wash this yarn but we would recommend hand washing to keep the yarn soft fluffy and non pilling for as long as possible.

In stock


Chunky Weight


100% cotton

100m per 100g