Wavy Organic Cotton - DK

Our organic cotton is grown and hand spun in India, It’s a wavy thick and thin yarn giving it an unusual texture, it is soft enough to wear.

This DK base is just our 4ply base very loosely plied together – you will get the same effect by using 2 stands of our original 4 Ply.

This base knits to DK gauge however is only around 140m per 100g – so if you are substituting this into a pattern written for DK, make sure you buy the amount of meters stated in the pattern and not grams.

These skeins have approx. 2-3 joins per 100g
These skeins are sold in different weights, if you want to work out how many meters in each then multiply the grams by 1.4 and that’s how many meters are in that skein.

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