Our seaweed is gathered by hand in the river hoogly in India, then dried naturally and hand spun by local artisans.


It is spun in the same environment as sari yarn so does pick up a few sari threads from this. We try to remove as many as possible but a few may remain, they are easy to pull out of the ply.


The seaweed is probably closest to dishcloth cotton but if you would like a sample before ordering please get in touch.

The undyed seaweed does have some odour (not a traditional seaweed smell!) which will wash out on the first wash. It is not present on our dyed skeins as they have been washed before and after dying.


100% seaweed

Approx fingering weight – 20 WPI

295m per 100g

Handspun in India in an environment with Sari’s. The Seaweed does pick up bits from the other spinning- non of which are animal fibres. We try to remove as much of this as possible but some does still remain. It is easily pulled from between the ply when yarn is not taught, and much more noticeable before dying (see gallery picture).