Our Pineapple yarns are all 100% Pineapple and handspun in India. We have 3 varieties;

Thin – Our thin pineapple yarn is somewhere between fingering weight and DK and gives approx 260m per 100g (14 WPI) Its made from tiny thin pineapple fibres, these fibres do shed A LOT. A scratchy yarn which is very strong, we wouldn’t recommend for clothing.

Thick – Our thicker hand spun Pineapple is very similar to our handspun Bamboo and the 2 bases can be easily used together. It gives around 65m per 100g and 8 WPI. Again this yarn sheds, and is not suitable for clothing.

Soft – Our soft pineapple is very similar to our thin Seaweed yarn. It is handspun and soft enough for clothing and approximately fingering weight.

All can be machine washed but not tumble dried.