Wearable sample pack – purple


This sample pack contains a 10g sample of every yarn we currently stock that we consider are soft enough to wear (with the exception of our 50% cotton 50% tencel aran weight yarn as it became available after these packs were produced).


There may be other yarns that are wearable on sale on our website, however we have only featured yarns we can guarantee we will have in the future. Some of the yarns in the pack may not feature on our website yet… we’re trying to get them on asap but have stock so you can always message us and we can dye a custom dye for you. All of the yarns we have in our undyed stock.


You’ll notice the yarns all have a code – for example ‘bdk’

You can type this code into the search box on our website and every yarn we have on that base material will come up, this way if you have found the right yarn for your project you can quickly see everything we have of that yarn in one place.

This search function is often only visible when viewing via a PC. If viewing on a phone/tablet etc you can find an example of your yarn and you will see within the description the ‘tag’ is there, you can then just click on that tag and all the other yarns on that base will appear on their own page, or for ease, all of the tags are on this listing so you can just pick the one you need.


These yarns are intended to be semi- solid/tonal. We can dye in solid colours or other colours if requested.

Out of stock


Our wearables sample pack contains 10g of each of the following yarns. The lengths differ and are in brackets after the yarn. Further details can be found on each yarn if you go to ‘shop by base material’ and select the yarn you’d like more info on…

1. Pleiades sock yarn (33m)

2. Tencel fingering weight (40m)

3. Tencel DK (22m)

4. Organic cotton (37m)

5. Thin Seaweed (30m)

6. Nettle banana blend (11m)

7. Bamboo fingering weight (37m)

8. Bamboo DK (20m)

9. Mercerised cotton fingering weight (35m)

10. Cotton DK (18m)

11. Aran recycled cotton (15m)

12. Chunky boucle cotton (10m)

13. Super chunky cotton (7m)