This is a new cotton fingering weight base we haven’t had before, and feels mercerised with almost no stretch. It’s certainly wearable but is definitely not a soft cotton, and it won’t feel warm. It is very hard wearing.


The batch we received had a lot of joins, which we have tried to process and as a result have varying sized skeins for sale. However despite this there are still up to 4 joins per 100g. Most skeins will contain at least two. We have dyed them in solid/semi solid colours so that cutting out these joins when working with the yarn should affect the look of the project (rather than say doing a patterning yarn). They aren’t perfect, and we won’t be getting anymore of this base, but we’ve knit it up and it’s made a lovely set of placemats. There are definitely projects it’ll be great for.

They are priced at the equivalent of 6 pounds per 100g as a result of the joins.



100% cotton

Fingering weight

340m per 100g


**These skeins contain around 3 joins per 100g**

Additional information


100g, 80g